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An introduction of bullet bit tungsten carbide coal mining tools

Released on Apr. 20, 2018

Here is our bullet bit tungsten carbide coal mining tools. It is an important tool for mining and drilling. Let's show the features for you:

1. Advanced CNC Machining center, 1600T forging and pressing equipment, vacuum and high-temperature carburizing quenching furnace and automatic generation line of high-frequency welding can meet different requirements of our clients for shield cutters, construction tools and mining tools.

2.Numbers of experts in geotechnical engineering and metal material industry

3. Coal cutting drill bits series: U765, U82, U84, U85,U92,U93,U94,U95 U119.

4. Excavator series: S100, SS105,S135,S150,S170.

5. Construction drilling tool series: C31, DS-01, 50/30,TY30 flat bit, welding bars,quick change bars,radical pic, hex drill steel system.

Top Equipment is one of the professional coal cutting tools and weld on holders manufacturers in China. Welcome to purchase quality drilling bits from us. We can produce products according to per customer's sample or drawing.

An introduction of bullet bit tungsten carbide coal mining tools

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