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The details of coal cutting tools

Released on May. 21, 2018

Top Equipment is a professional supplier of high quality bullet bit tungsten carbide coal mining tools. We are the only manufacturer and leading supplier in our field in China mainland.

Here are the details of coal cutting tools:

1. Product Name: coal cutting drill bits.

TypesTapered chisel bits, Tapered cross bits, Tapered button bits.

2. Application: Tapered drill bits are used in granite and marble quarry, gold mine, railway, tunnel, etc. For drilling.

3. Feature: Tapered drill bits connect tapered drill steel of rock drill for drilling holes.

4. Material: High quality carbide and high quality steel.

5. MOQ: No requirement for testing and trial order.

We can design and manufature coal cutting drill bits according to your requirment of diameter, number air holes and carbide button shape.

The details of coal cutting tools

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