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How To Deal With PDC Drill Bits Mud Pack Phenomenon

Released on Dec. 01, 2018

Let the top hammer drilling tools factory tell you the solution when the PDC bit has a mud pack phenomenon!

1. The first principle of dealing with bit mud packs is: don't rush to drill, because the more packaged, the more powerful.

2. Regardless of the prevention or treatment of the bit mud pack, it is inevitable to adjust the mud performance. It is found that the PDC drill bits have signs of mud pack, and the drill should be stopped immediately and the detergent should be disposed in the well at the first time to clean the drill bit.

3. Stop drilling, increase displacement and enhance the effect of hydraulic flushing. Lift the drill bit off the bottom of the well, increase the rotational speed and increase the centrifugal force to make the mud block easy to pull out, and move it up and down a few times, then press down to the bottom of the well. Cycle for 5-10 minutes, repeat the above process; if it is invalid within 2 cycles, you should consider drilling.

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