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We are proud as a DTH hammer bits factory

Released on Jul. 02, 2018

As a DTH hammer bits factory, we are proud to say that our DTH hammer bits are manufactured and designed completely in China. Made with top quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and American-made steel and carbide inserts, these bits offer top-notch performance no matter what project you are completing. Ranging from 8” to 33” in size, our bits are perfectly compatible with the top selling DTH Hammers.

We also offer a wide supply of DTH hammer drilling. These are available in any combination of sizes for increasing pre-drilled holes in rock material. Our openers are well used by international drilling contractors and have proven to be highly dependable and durable on the job. This added durability prevents unneeded wear and breakage that can cause project delays and additional expenses.

We are proud as a DTH hammer bits factory

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