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Why should you choose Top Equipment DTH hammer bits?

Released on May. 14, 2018

Here at Top Equipment we take pride in providing the highest quality DTH hammer bits for use in drilling water wells, oil and gas projects, and construction and engineering projects. Since 1982 we have been providing our global customers with DTH hammer bits in diverse sizes, styles, and functions. As a professional DTH hammer bits manufacturer, we believe in offering the highest quality at the lowest price.

An additional performance feature is our DTH hammer bits. Created using diamond coated carbides, these excellent bits hold-up to high amounts of resistance, impact, and abrasion. We also bond a thick layer of diamond-impregnated powder to the carbide insert. This provides great durability as well as the means to drill for longer durations at deeper levels. These are very popular in oil and gas drilling projects.

Why should you choose Top Equipment DTH hammer bits?

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