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Basic Maintenance Of Pdc Drill Bits

Released on Mar. 09, 2019

Basic maintenance of PDC drill bits from PDC Drill Bits Manufacturer pieces of advice:

PDC Drill Bits, diamond composite bit is suitable for a coal mine, geology, engineering.

Pdc Drill Bits Wholesaler

The cutting teeth of the drill face are the most valuable place for a drill bit. The cutting teeth are made of high-temperature sintering of polycrystalline composite diamond, and its characteristics are relatively hard and brittle.

Diamond composite drill bit is one of the relatively expensive wearing parts in underground engineering. Therefore, we should be careful from its packaging, transportation and use to prevent accidental damage.

The PDC bit is suitable for drilling in soft and medium-grade rock formations. Different drill layers should use different drill bits, otherwise it will easily lead to severe wear of the cutting teeth and decrease the mechanical drilling speed.

PDC Drill Bits Wholesaler suggest you:

Different drills depending on the situation, different methods of operation

The diamond composite drill bit carefully inspects the parts before going down the well to ensure that the drill bit has no problem.

When using for the first time, it is necessary to run at low speed for half an hour, and gradually use it gradually.

Used in geologically harsh environments, reduce shaft pressure and speed to prevent bit breakage.

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