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Development of PDC drill bits

Released on Jun. 01, 2018

Design characteristics and manufacturing processes for the two bit types are, in respect to body construction, different, because of the nature of the materials from which they are made. The lower impact toughness of matrix limits some matrix-bit features, such as blade height. Conversely, steel is ductile, tough, and capable of withstanding greater impact loads. This makes it possible for steel-body PDC bits to be relatively larger than matrix bits and to incorporate greater height into features such as blades. All of the PDC drill bits have their advantages.

Fortunately, both steels and matrix are rapidly evolving, and their limitations are diminishing. As hard-facing materials improve, steel bits are becoming extremely well protected with materials that are highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. At the same time, the structural and wear-resisting properties of matrix materials are also rapidly improving, and the range of economic applications suitable for both types is growing.

Today’s matrix has little resemblance to that of even a few years ago. Tensile strengths and impact resistance have increased by at least 33%, and cutter braze strength has increased by ≈80%. At the same time, geometries and the technology of supporting structures have improved, resulting in strong, productive matrix products.

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Development of PDC drill bits

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