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Pdc Oil Drill Bit Notes

Released on Mar. 05, 2019

Here is PDC Drill Bits Wholesaler talking about precautions for PDC. 

Pdc Drill Bits is likely to be damaged due to improper operation during the use process. According to these circumstances, we sorted out some precautions that need attention:

 Pdc Drill Bits Manufacturer

1. Drill down to control the speed to prevent sudden resistance, so that the roller bit can play a better effect.

2. Do not touch the cone wheel gear when picking up or unloading the oil drill bit.

3. It is necessary to keep the mud clean and prevent the oil bit from blocking the oil eye, which affects the use of the oil drill bit.

4. Keep the water on both pumps intact.

5. Adjust the drilling parameters in time when encountering boring and jumping.

6. The drill bit is drilled in the end, the first cycle for about ten minutes, send the drill evenly, prevent the blast from suddenly damaging the tooth, and when the drill is slow, analyze it. If it is because of the mezzanine, be patient. Do not blindly add the pressure.

7. Keep the bottom of the well clean and free of debris. Drill and drill into the wellhead with steel plate and cover the wellhead insurance pin and wellhead tool to prevent the wellhead from falling.

8. Pay attention to the oil drill bit to prevent slipping and drilling.

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