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What Is The Skill Of Replacing Dth Bits After Worn Out?

Released on Mar. 06, 2019

Roller Bit Drilling is an important tool in drilling, but it takes a long time for the drill bit to work under the well, which will cause wear and tear, which requires timely replacement by the staff to ensure the drilling speed and drilling efficiency. 

 Dth Drill Bits

So how to change the Dth Bits downhole down to several meters, this requires a certain skill and method.

The Dth Drill Bits uses the overhead crane, the moving block and the big hook on the derrick to pull out all the drills from the well according to the height of the derrick. After the take-up, the drill pipe columns are discharged in the derrick in sequence. At the same time as the downhole drill string is proposed, the drilling fluid is used to continuously inject the drilling fluid into the annular space, so as to keep the liquid level in the wellbore from falling, so that the wellbore is not lowered. The pressure balances the formation pressure to prevent the collapse of the wellbore or fluid in the subterranean formation into the wellbore.

At the same time, special attention should be paid to the stuck drill that may occur due to the reduction of the borehole wall. The operator must strictly control the speed of the lift. After all the drill pipes and drill collars in the wellbore are taken out, the drill bits to be replaced are also taken out at the same time. The workers can remove the old drill bit and install the new drill bit and return to the well according to the original column sequence to resume drilling. 

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