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Capacity Expansion Of Small Hydropower Stations

Released on Mar. 08, 2019

Here is Rotary Drilling Tools Manufacturer talking about Capacity Expansion Of Small Hydropower Stations. 

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Rotary Drilling Tools Manufacturer

1. For the hydropower station of “Dalama Car”, the hydro-generator can be modified separately. To increase the insulation level or improve the ventilation system, it is necessary to redesign and manufacture the new hydro-generator. The main transformer has insufficient capacity and can be replaced with a new transformer. The old transformer can still be used in other hydropower stations. For hydropower stations with “small horse-drawn carts”, if the turbines are retrofitted and there is no possibility of capacity expansion, they will be operated as expected.

2. Small hydropower that is relatively backward in protection devices and has a low level of automation. The total installed capacity is greater than 2000KW power station, and the automation system with higher automation is adopted as much as possible, and the technical level of the operating personnel is continuously improved. For power plants with a total installed capacity of less than 2000 KW, reliable and easy-to-maintain relay protection devices are used. For example, in July 2016, the Emeishan Hydropower Station *** Hydropower Station (2X1600KW) transformed the original relay protection device into the SCUT2008 microcomputer integrated automation series. After the completion of the transformation, the chances of protecting the misoperation and refusal are greatly reduced, and the misoperation of the operating personnel is completely avoided. This saves a lot of maintenance costs and increases the economic efficiency of the power station.

3. The mechanical hydraulic governor is used for the old power station. The performance of this governor is relatively poor. In addition, the static characteristics of long-term operation are poor, and the wear and tear is severe. The dead zone is inflexible and cannot guarantee the safe and stable operation of the unit. Try to replace the electro-hydraulic governor and the microcomputer governor.

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