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Structural Features Of Roller Cone Bit In Use

Released on Oct. 24, 2018

The roller cone bit has good structural characteristics in use. The following is a brief introduction to the structural characteristics of the cone bit.

1. The cone bit adopts floating bearing structure. The floating element is made of a new material with high strength, high elasticity, high-temperature resistance and high wear resistance. The surface is treated with a solid lubricant. By reducing the relative linear velocity of bearing pair and the temperature rise of friction surface, the bearing life and bearing reliability can be effectively improved under the conditions of high drilling pressure or high rotational speed drilling technology.

2. High strength and toughness cemented carbide teeth are used in the insert bit. The optimized number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of exposed teeth and the unique shape of alloy teeth are used to give full play to the high wear resistance and the excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. A new wear-resistant material is applied on the tooth surface of the steel-tooth drill bit to improve the service life of cutting teeth while maintaining the high penetration rate of the steel-tooth drill bit.

3. The steel ball in the cone bit locks the roller, which can adapt to the high speed and improve the efficiency in use.

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