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The Difference Between Steel Drill Bit And Carcass Drill Bit

Released on Mar. 07, 2019

Here is Top HammerTools Manufacturer talking about The Difference Between Steel Drill Bit And Carcass Drill Bit. 

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Top Hammer Tools Manufacturer

1. Different manufacturing methods: The steel body drill bit is made of alloy steel to make the crown of the multi-axis lathe machining drill, and then welded to the joint. The carcass drill bit is made by sintering various kinds of carcass powder and metal steel frame in a mold at a high temperature of 1000-15000 degrees. Then butt welding with the joint;

2. The use of different focus: steel drill bit is suitable for the rapid drilling of the formation without the gravel compressive strength and easy to drill, his wide flow channel also contribute to the timely migration of cuttings. Carcass drills are mainly used for difficult-to-drill formations with high gravel and high compressive strength. It is inherently stronger than steel drills.

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