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Twisting Method Of Twist Drill Bits

Released on Mar. 13, 2019

1. “The edge of the blade is flat.”

This is the first step in the relative position of the Dth Drill Bits and the grinding wheel. 

Dth Drill Bits is often the case that the student has not yet flattened the cutting edge and leaned against the grinding wheel to start sharpening. This is definitely not a good thing. Here, the "edge" is the main cutting edge, and "flat" means that the main cutting edge of the sharpened portion is in a horizontal position. "Tread" refers to the surface of the grinding wheel. "Rely on" is the meaning of slowly moving closer. At this point the drill cannot touch the grinding wheel.

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2. “The drill shaft is tilted out of the front.”

Here is the positional relationship between the bit axis and the surface of the grinding wheel. The "front angle" is half of the apex angle of 118 ° ± 2 o, which is about 60 °. This position is important, directly affecting the size of the drill apex and the shape of the main cutting edge and the bevel angle of the transverse edge. Students should be reminded to remember the angle of 60° in a 30°, 60°, 90° triangular plate that is commonly used by students. Both the mouth one and the mouth one are the relative positions before the bit is sharpened. The two should be balanced. Do not neglect the angle of the bevel in order to flatten the cutting edge, or ignore the flat edge in order to set the axis. These errors are often caused in practice. At this point, the Dth Drilling Tools are ready to contact the grinding wheel in the correct position.

3. “Back behind the blade.”

This refers to the slow sharpening along the entire flank from the cutting edge of the drill bit. This facilitates heat dissipation and sharpening. On the basis of stabilizing and consolidating the first and second mouths, the drill bit can gently touch the grinding wheel to perform a smaller amount of sharpening. When sharpening, observe the uniformity of the spark. Adjust the pressure in time and pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. When re-starting the sharpening after cooling, it is necessary to continue to position the mouth one or two. This is often difficult to grasp at the beginning of the course, and often it will involuntarily change the correctness of its position.

4. “Up and down the swinging tail.”

This action is also important in the grinding process of the drill bit. It is often the case that the student turns the "up and down swing" into "up and down rotation" during the sharpening, so that the other main cutting edge of the drill bit is destroyed. At the same time, the tail of the drill bit cannot be raised above the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel, otherwise, the cutting edge will be blunt and cannot be cut.

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