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Features Of Coal Cutting Drill Bits

Released on Jul. 13, 2018

1. All the composite pieces of the coal cutting drill bits have been carefully selected by experienced composite manufacturers, all of this have been purchased by excellent products

2. The rigid body of our company has been tested by many hard indicators, such as density and hardness, before purchasing, it is absolutely in line with the high-quality special steel produced by the drill bit.

3. All the purchased steel bodies have been strict subjected to chemical soaking, rust removal and decontamination treatment, and the coal cutting tools have been polished many times to achieve the same smooth surface.

note in the process of drilling: 

be careful when drilling, strictly control the lowering speed, slacking off above can drill pipe, small displacement pump, to pump pressure is normal, after gradually increasing displacement, pressure is not more than 2 tons. If it is necessary to cut the hole, it should be connected with the drill pipe with large displacement, light rotation (no more than 40 revolutions per minute), and slow down to punch and pass, so as not to cut the hole as much as possible. The locksmith shall observe the mud return at the wellhead. If a column is found not to return mud, the locksmith shall immediately lift the column and open the pump roof to pass down again

Attention Of Coal Cutting Drill Bits

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