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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Selecting A Shearer Pick? (1)

Released on Jan. 10, 2019

As a Dth Hammer Drilling Manufacturer, we can give you some small advice and considerations in the work of digging coal.

Shearer picks are very significant parts for excavating coal mines because from the excavation process of coal mines, it is necessary to use a variety of gear such as shearers and roadheaders. The most essential pieces of this equipment are picks and no selections. There's no value, and also the importance of the pick is observable. The shearer selections are commonly used parts and therefore are the picks of choice for many companies.

There are many pickers in the market. For businesses, it is not easy to decide on the ideal coal picker. The Way to choose? Let us take a look at the requirements for choosing the shearer pick?

First: pick a model

When selecting the pick, focus on its own model. Because there are many versions of picks, the picks of different versions are used on different kinds of equipment. Consequently, pay attention to this model when picking. Here to remind you that before you opt for the choice, you need to comprehend the pick type of the shearer, so as to ensure that the chosen pick meets the requirements of the equipment.

Second: pick quality

Quality is crucial when picking picks. Only good quality selections may have a long service life. In case the quality of the selected pick is bad, how do we ensure that the pick can mine? Thus, when choosing the pick, we must pay attention to the quality of the selection.

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