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Advantage Of Bullet Bit Tungsten Carbide Coal Mining Tools

Released on Aug. 18, 2018

The Bullet Bit Tungsten Carbide Coal Mining Tools has no moving parts and the structure is relatively simple. It is one of the three new technologies of world drilling in the 1980s. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. The force balance design makes the drill bit have good guiding property, and is suitable for the directional drilling with the downhole motor, and has small radial vibration;

2. The reasonable arrangement of the patented PDC composite sheets of different structures at different positions of the drill bit makes the drill bit more aggressive and resistant to abrasion;

3, strong aggressive design can make the drill bit obtain a higher rate of mechanical drilling;

4. The drilling capacity in the rock formation is 10-30 times that of the ordinary alloy drill bit, which improves the working efficiency;

5. Because the material of the drill bit is mainly cast tungsten carbide and diamond composite sheets, it has a long life and high value.

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Bullet Bit Tungsten Carbide Coal Mining Tools

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