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What Do You Know About Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools?

Released on Aug. 21, 2018

The top hammer Rock Drilling tools consists of a drill pipe, a ball bit and an impactor. When drilling, drill with two drill rods. The rotary air supply mechanism is composed of a rotary motor, a rotary reducer, and a supply air gyrator. The rotary reducer is a three-stage cylindrical gear closed type of opposite-shaped member, which is automatically lubricated by a screw oiler. The air supply gyrator is composed of a connecting body, a sealing member, a hollow main shaft and a drill pipe joint, and is provided with a pneumatic card for use in connecting and unloading the drill pipe. The lifting pressure regulating mechanism is to raise and lower the slewing mechanism and the drilling tool by the lifting motor by lifting the speed reducer and lifting the chain. In the closed chain system, a pressure regulating cylinder and a movable pulley block are installed. During normal operation, the piston rod of the pressure regulating cylinder pushes the movable pulley block to realize the decompression drilling of the drilling tool.

The DTH drilling tools rig adopts a motor through a high-performance reducer for rotary power; the cylinder is used for propulsion power. The hydraulic system is omitted, so the mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low, the performance is stable, and the anti-card protection is provided. When the drilling tool is stuck, the motor is not easy to be burned, and the speed reducer is not easily damaged.

Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools

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