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DTH Hammer Drilling Should Pay Attention To What The Problem

Released on Jun. 11, 2018

DTH Hammer drilling should pay attention to the problem:

1. Keep the inner hole of the drilling tool clean to prevent the piston of the submersible hammer from getting stuck and not work, and prevent the inner cylinder sleeve and the piston from being worn too quickly.

2. When the drilling tool approaches the bottom of the well, air is blown at a depth of 0.3m. After the wind returns to the wellhead, the vehicle is driven to rotate the drilling tool and swept to the bottom of the well. After the DTH hammer is working properly, it can be drilled according to normal parameters.

3. When the drill pipe is added, lift the drilling tool away from the bottom of the well, and the active drill pipe can stop the wind behind the wellhead and add the drill pipe.

4. After adding the drill pipe, first check the sediment in the well bottom. If it is more than 0.5m, it must be cleaned by air and then drilled normally.

5. When the foam is drilled, air is blown first and then pumped into the foam solution to prevent the foam solution from entering the air compressor when the circulation system is clogged, causing equipment accidents.

6. At the end of each return, it is necessary to promptly inspect the DTH hammers, such as the threaded connection points and key clips and other key parts, to prevent the DTH hammer components from falling out of the well.

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