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The Use And Development Of Roller Bit

Released on Jun. 07, 2018

The Roller Bit is most commonly used in oil drilling and geological drilling. The roller cone bit has the effect of impacting, crushing, and shearing broken rock formations during rotation, so the roller bit bit can adapt to various soft, medium, and hard formations. Especially after the emergence of the jet cone bit and the long nozzle cone bit, the drilling speed of the roller cone bit has been greatly improved, which is a major revolution in the history of the development of the roller cone bit. There is a certain gap between the domestic and foreign research on the gauge structure and materials. Research institutions and manufacturers of related drills in China should further strengthen the research on the gauge structure and materials, especially pay attention to the research and application of some active gauge structures in the drill bit, and further improve the domestic teeth. The wheel bit performance provides drillers with efficient drills that adapt to the new drilling process, making the Roller Cone Bit Design simpler and more compact.

The Use And Development Of Roller Bit

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