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Common Causes of PDC Drill Bits Damage

Released on Sep. 19, 2018

There are many reasons for the damage of the PDC drill bits. Let's talk about some common ones.

1. There is gravel in the formation.

2. There are more hard interlayers in the formation.

During the drilling process, the PDC drill bit is drilled from the soft formation to the hard interlayer. The shape of the crown structure causes the cutting teeth of the same part of the drill bit to contact, and the hardness of the formation is different so that the cutting teeth of different parts of the drill bit are cut by the cutting ground. Uneven forces cause bit jumping and bouncing

The load acting on the drill bit is mostly concentrated on the cutting teeth of the hard interlayer, and the instantaneous interception caused by the bouncing and jumping is caused by the large force of the cutting teeth, especially in the hard formation. At hard spots, the instantaneous load is sufficient to cause chipping of the cutting teeth.

3. PDC bit hydraulic parameters are not suitable: When using PDC bit, if the water power is too large, the bit body will be severely eroded. If the nozzle is not properly arranged, the injected fluid will reflect the direct erosion of the cutting teeth after impacting the bottom of the well.

If the water power is too small, it will be unfavorable for the cleaning and cooling of the composite sheet, especially in the soft formation. It is easy to cause thermal accelerated wear of the composite sheet in the hard formation.

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