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Rolling Cutter Bits's Type

Released on Sep. 25, 2018

Rolling filler pieces, which some might also involve roller cone bits or tri-cone pieces, have three cones. Each cone could be rotated separately as soon as the drill string rotates the entire body of this piece.

There are two sorts of roller bit pieces that are milled-tooth pieces and tungsten carbide inserts (insert pieces ). These pieces are classified by the way the teeth are fabricated:

1.Milled-tooth bits

Milled-tooth pieces have steel tooth cutters, which can be fabricated as regions of the piece cone. The bits cut or gouge formations out when they are being rotated. The teeth change in size and form, based upon the formation. Teeth of the bits are different depending on structures as follows:

Soft formation: Your teeth must be long, slim and widely dispersed. These teeth will create freshly broken cuttings from delicate formations.

Tough formation: Your teeth should be brief and tightly spaced. TThese teeth will produce smaller, more rounded, crushed, and ground cuttings from hard formations.

2.Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) or Insert pieces

Tungsten carbide inserts (TCI) or insert bits generally have tungsten carbide inserts (teeth) that are pressed to the piece cones. The inserts have several shapes such as long-extension shapes, round shaped inserts, etc.

Soft formation: Long-extension, chisel shape inserts

Hard formation: Short-extension, rounded inserts

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Rolling Cutter Bits

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