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What You Should Know When Operating The DTH Drill Bits

Released on Nov. 05, 2018

Let's take a look at what you should know when operating the DTH drill bits.

1. Before work, it is necessary to check whether the electrical insulation and grounding device are in good condition, and whether the various operating handles are flexible or not.

2. It is strictly forbidden to clean, repair, and oil during operation. It is not allowed to touch dangerous parts with the body or other tools.

3. It is strictly forbidden to put the cable directly on the iron duct, and it is not allowed to soak in the water.

4. When loading and unloading drills, drill pipes and impactors, the upper and lower personnel should cooperate closely.

5. When the equipment is overhauled, the driver should cooperate closely with the maintenance personnel and call for a response.

6. When operating the same lift, it is strictly forbidden to stand outside the driver's operation.

7. When lifting and lowering the large shelf, the drill pipe should be locked to prevent injury.

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