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The Things Of Drilling Driver Should Note

Released on Nov. 03, 2018

Let us learn about some things of drilling driver should note!

1. DTH drill driver must abide by the mine "General Safety Operation Procedures for Post Work".

2. DTH drill drivers must abide by the safety regulations for commuting cars and hosting.

3. DTH drill drivers must comply with the safety regulations for the management of the cannon, the edge of the steps and the day of the run. 

4. When moving the DTH drill bits or replacing the drill pipe, we should pay close attention to the high voltage line around it so as not to touch it.

5. When checking and handling cable and other electrical faults, the drop switch must be removed.

7. When working on a large shelf for high-altitude work, you must wear a safety helmet and a guardian, and you are not allowed to stand under the large shelf.

8. Thunderstorms and windy days are prohibited from working on high.

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