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Pick Life Improvement Method

Released on Jan. 04, 2019

Picks are common in our daily mining production and are the key to the smooth operation of the shearer. We hope that our customers can understand the method of improving the service life of the pick.

1. Using a plasma spray-welded wear layer on the tooth head;

2. The toothed portion is brazed with a hard alloy wear ring;

3. The tooth head is inlaid with a hard wear-resistant electrode;

4. Boost the alloy head. If the hardness of the rock layer is high, the metal head is expanded to resist the hardness of the stone formation.

Understand the above four-point pick life improvement method, and hope that customers and friends will master the comprehension, the business is going to continue to optimize the picking manufacturing technology and provide the marketplace with more ideal pick products.

As a Rotary Drilling Tools Supplier with exporting Top Hammer Tools all over the world, We have the responsibility and obligation to inform the user of the maintenance method, allowing the user to use the product for longer life.

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