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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Selecting A Shearer Pick? (2)

Released on Jan. 15, 2019

As a Dth Hammer Bits Supplier, we can give you some small advice and considerations in the work of digging coal.

Third: pick performance

When choosing the pick, the most important issue is the pick performance, just the good picks can meet the needs of consumers. When the picks are excavated, they'll rub with all the coal mines. Therefore, the picks should have good wear resistance and hardness, so as to not be seriously affected when excavating the coal mine, so as not to affect normal work.

Fourth: service

Service is also an issue that has to be addressed. Though it isn't an important choice, it can't be ignored. If there is a perfect service, problems with the pick-up device can be solved, and also vice versa can make you quite annoyed. Therefore, when selecting a device, it is ideal to choose a service with greater service.

Should you choose based on the above four aspects, you are able to choose the ideal shearer pick. Choosing a pick is an issue of learning. Only by mastering the selection skills will you easily choose the right pick. If you would like to choose a pick, be sure to comprehend the purchase requirements. If you are not certain about the buying abilities, you are welcome to pay attention to Top Equipment, we can offer you information on the purchase of shearer selections for your reference.

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