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Development Trend Of Hydrodynamic DTH Hammer

Released on Oct. 11, 2018

Hydraulic hammer drilling has turned out to be an innovative drilling technique to deal with hard and complicated rock formations through numerous developments and practices.

A variety of hydraulic DTH hammer has shaped a new type of hole-bottom machine and will be more in-depth and greater degree of development. First of all, together with the evolution of high technologies and digital technologies, the theoretical research level of impact rotary drilling will have a fantastic breakthrough, the expressions of their mechanical components of the hammer and the moving portions of the hydraulic hammer with different structure types will likely be improved and enriched, and the structure and parameter layout of the hydraulic hammer will likely be further simplified, optimized and scientific by computer simulation.

The evaluation way of the operating parameters of the hydraulic hammer will probably be more precise, intuitive and intelligent, and the new innovative technical detector and also the popular high-speed photographic evaluation technology is going to be implemented. To be able to meet with the challenge of this market environment, the wide variety and version of the hydraulic hammer will be appropriately reduced and optimized and broadly accomplished in batch scale manufacturing.

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