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The Features Of Roller Cone Bit

Released on Oct. 13, 2018

Let's take a look at the features of roller cone bit.

1. The use of high-strength and high-toughness alloy teeth makes it improve the resistance of the teeth to impact, reduce the chance of broken teeth, and the soft formation is equipped with a spoon-shaped tooth.

2. A layer of the hard alloy is placed on the bearing of the tooth, and the roller bearing is also silver plated so that the bearing has improved the ability to resist seizure and load.

3. The O-ring seal adopts a more wear-resistant high-saturated nitrile rubber, which increases the cross-section of the seal ring, and increases the sealing small boss at the outer end of the seal area to improve the reliability of the seal.

4. the use of steel ball locking cone, can be suitable for relatively high speed.

5. The number of teeth to be optimized and the equipment such as the tooth and the alloy tooth can maximize the cutting and speed of the drill.

6. the use of a new production of grease that can withstand temperatures of 250°C, so that the ability of the drill bit to withstand high temperatures has been improved.

Roller Bit

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