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Classification Of Drill Bits By Use

Released on Mar. 19, 2019

Here is Dth Hammer Drilling Manufacturer talking about Classification Of Drill Bits By Use.

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Dth Hammer Drilling Manufacturer

1. Super hard drill: The front or the whole of the drill body is made of superhard alloy tool material and used for drilling of machining materials.

2. Taper bit: When machining the mold feed port, a taper bit can be used.

3. Center drill: generally used for centering before drilling. The front cone has 60°, 75°, 90°, etc. For the lathe operation, the 60° center drill and lathe should be used. The top of the tailstock is matched with 60°.

4. Twist Drill: For the most widely used drill bit in industrial manufacturing, we usually use a twist drill.

5. Cylindrical hole drill: We call it a countersunk milling cutter, the front end of the drill has a smaller diameter called the rail.

6. Tapered hole drill: For drilling tapered holes, the front end angle is 90 °, 60 ° and so on, the chamfering knife we use is a kind of tapered hole drill.

7. Tricone Bits: A drill bit used in the electric drill, the drill handle is made into a triangular face, so that the chuck can secure the drill bit.

8. Oil hole drill bit: The drill body has two small holes through which the cutting agent reaches the cutting edge portion to take away heat and chips. The drill bit generally rotates the workpiece while the drill bit is stationary.

9. Deep hole drill: the earliest used for the drilling of barrel and stone tube, also known as barrel drill. The deep hole drill is of the continuous groove type, and a quarter of the strong portion is cut in a circular tube to produce cutting edge chip removal.

10. Bit reamer: For the needs of mass production, the front end is the drill bit, the rear end is the reamer, the diameter of the drill bit and the diameter of the reamer are only the difference of the reaming hole, and the drill bit is mixed with the screw tapping wire, so Also known as a hybrid drill bit.

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