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Do You Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of The DTH Drill Bit?

Released on Sep. 01, 2018

DTH Drill Bit often form wear patterns due to actual drilling conditions or if the drill bit is not properly operated. If it is not pre-determined and re-grinded before its wear cycle, it will cause the drill bit to perform poorly or in advance. Invalidation, effective maintenance of the DTH drill bit can reduce the loss of effect to a certain extent.

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The main forms of expression are:

First, the tail pipe and the end of the impact

Make sure that the tail pipe is broken. Usually caused by linear deviations caused by wear of the piston or cylinder, lack of lubrication leads to extraction and water corrosion.

Second, the drill head

Wear of the spline grooves at the bottom of the drill often occurs on the abrasive underlayer.

In highly abrasive formations, the bit body is usually worn faster than the alloy teeth.

The main failure modes of a down-the-hole drill bit are chipping and cracking, and wear is a secondary failure mode. The bit breakage and cracks are mainly caused by unreasonable carburizing process, too deep infiltration layer, too high carbon concentration, coarse quenching structure, low hardness of matrix structure after quenching and excessive residual austenite on the surface layer.

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