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What Is Roller Cone Bit Used For?

Released on Aug. 28, 2018

The roller cone bits are divided into various categories based on soil condition. There are 3 main categories: soft, medium and hard formation pieces. Soft formation rock bits are used in unconsolidated sands, clays, soft lime stone , red beds and shale.

Roller Cone Bit

The cutting structure of the bits varies according to the rock formation. Soft pieces will have more protruding teeth chisel-shaped buttons, and fewer, more broadly arranged teeth. Medium formation bits are going to have considerably closer teeth than soft formation bits, and the protrusion of their teeth is reduced. The teeth are very brief and closely arranged on hard formation bits. Due to the shorter teeth that the penetration of the rock bit during drilling is significantly less than with soft or moderate formation bits, but the other bits can't be used in hard strata.

The bits are further classified based on their internal bearings. Each bit has three rotating shafts and every one will rotate on its own axis during drilling. While the pieces are fixed to the drilling rigs, the rotation of the drill pipe will probably be in a clockwise direction and the roller cones are rotated in a anti-clockwise direction. Each roller cone is rotated on its axis with the assistance of the bearing. The bearings are categorized mainly into three different types: Open posture bits, Sealed Bearing Bits and Journal Bearing pieces .

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