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How To Choose The Type Of Roller Cone Bit

Released on Sep. 30, 2018

The selection of the roller cone bit type has a great influence on the non-excavation speed, and often the drilling speed is slow and the cost is high due to improper selection of the drill bit. The most important thing is to choose the specific conditions of the construction stratum.

1.Selection of the strata with abrasive properties: The strata with abrasive properties will cause the teeth to wear too fast, the mechanical drilling speed will decrease rapidly, and the drill bit will have less footage. In particular, the gauge teeth of the drill bit and the cone and claw tip of the cone will be worn to make the drill diameter, the small bearing is exposed to accelerate the damage of the drill bit. At this time, it is better to use the insert bit.

2. Selection of drill bit types in shallow and deep wells: In order to achieve the best economic results, drills of the higher type of mechanical drilling speed should be used in shallow well sections, and drills with long service life should be considered in deep well sections.

3. Selection of inclined well stratum: The large dip angle of the formation is an objective factor causing the well deviation, and the bending of the lower drill string and the improper selection of the drill bit are the technical factors causing the well deviation. The bit-shift type drill bit is easy to cause the well inclination when drilling in the inclined formation. Therefore, we should choose a bit that does not shift or shift very small. At the same time, if the movement axis is small, the drill bit should be selected to be softer than the formation rock, this will increase the rate of penetration at lower drill pressures.

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