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How Do We Choose The DTH Drill Bit?

Released on Sep. 28, 2018

The types of DTH drills on the market are exquisite, and the manufacturers of the drills also have their own rhetoric. So how do we choose a DTH drill bit?

DTH drill bits now have four kinds of end facial design: end face convex type, end face flat kind, end confronts concave kind and end face deep concave center kind. Carbide is mostly made of ball teeth, spring teeth or ball teeth and spring teeth.

1. Face convex sort: this kind of drill bit is split into two forms, single boss and the dual boss end face, the latter mostly used for bigger diameter.

DTH drill bit. The face-faced type of down-the-hole drill bit can maintain a high stone drilling rate when drilling tough and hard abrasive stone, but the straightness of the borehole is inferior, and it isn't suitable for rock drilling with higher blast hole flatness.

2. Flat face type: this shape of the drill bit is stronger, suitable for drilling hard and incredibly hard stone, but also acceptable for drilling medium and hard rock and soft rock with low flatness.

3. Concave surface kind: this shape has a conical concave part towards the end face of the piece. It is a bit of nucleation during the rock drilling process to keep the alignment functioning of the drill bit. The drill hole has an excellent straight line. this drill bit has good drainage effect and fast drilling speed. It's a DTH drill bit that is used over the marketplace.

4. End face deep concave center type: this kind of drill bit is developed from exactly the exact same kind of ball bit, and also the center finish of the end surface of the drill bit has a deep concave central portion. It's used for nucleation through rock drilling and ensures the straightness of their blast-hole when drilling deep holes. It is only suitable for drilling soft rock and moderate hard rock.

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DTH drill bit

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