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Industry Classification Of PDC Drill Bit

Released on Oct. 31, 2018

The PDC drill bits are the abbreviation for the polycrystalline diamond composite bit. It is a drilling tool commonly used in the geological drilling industry. In fact, its evolution has evolved from diamonds.

Applicable industry classification

1. The composite drill bit for geological exploration

The composite sheet drill, which is mainly used for geological exploration and exploration, is suitable for soft to medium hard rock formations. Now some new composite sheets developed by some manufacturers can be applied to rock layers with ten hardness.

2. Coal Cutting Drill Bits using the composite drill bit

It is mainly used for coal seam drilling and mining in coal mines. Generally speaking, the rock formation of the coalfield is relatively soft, and the composite drill bit is widely used, such as a bolt drill bit and a three-wing drill bit.

3. The composite drill bit for petroleum exploration

Mainly used in oil and gas fields, drills are used. At present, the composite sheet drill bit for oilfields is the most expensive and most demanding of all composite drill bits. It can be said that it is a nobleman in the composite drill bit.

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