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Instructions Of DTH Drill Bit

Released on Nov. 09, 2018

In order to properly use the DTH drill bits and ensure the drilling speed and service life of the drill bit, the following points must be noted:

1. Select the down-the-hole drill bit according to the rock condition and the type of rig. Different forms of alloy teeth and cloth teeth are suitable for drilling different rocks.

2. When installing the down-the-hole drill bit, the drill bit should be placed gently into the drill bit of the down-hole impactor card. Do not force the collision to avoid damage to the drill bit or the cardholder;

3. During the rock drilling process, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure of the downhole drilling rig is sufficient. If the impactor is interrupted, or the blast hole is not well discharged, the compressed air system of the downhole drilling rig should be inspected to ensure that there is no slag in the hole during the drilling process;

4. If metal objects are found to fall into the hole, they should be sucked out by magnets or taken out by other methods in time to avoid damage to the drill bit;

Although the difference in the appearance of the down-the-hole drill bit can be distinguished in appearance, the drilling product still needs to select the drill bit according to the actual drilling conditions.

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DTH Drill Bits

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