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Characteristics Of DTH Hammer

Released on Nov. 14, 2018

With the development of technology and electronic technology, the DTH hammer has also made great breakthroughs. The DTH hammers with different types and structures have gradually entered the market. Sometimes, in order to be able to carry out mass production of the DTH hammer, it is possible to adopt a method of reducing the type of DTH hammer.

The high-quality characteristics of the DTH hammer are shown in the mechanical transmission. The other DTH drills are mainly hydraulic transmission, which effectively utilizes the power. The DTH hammer makes the overall power loss small and the drilling cost low. Its other high quality mainly shows the reserved functional interface in the hydraulic system, which can be expanded according to the process requirements of different users.

DTH hammers are widely used in mines, hydropower, transportation, slope anchorage, ground source heat pumps, etc. The drills produced have the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, low failure rate and long service life.

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DTH Hammer

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