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How To Maintain The Roller Cone Bit

Released on Nov. 20, 2018

Roller cone bit is the most widely used drill bit. Let's take a look at how to maintain and use the roller cone bit!

1. After the spring warm ceasefire, the areas with poor water quality should pay attention to sewage and scale removal. Then, the cone body and system must be kept full of water to prevent the system and the cone bit body from oxidizing and corrosion.

2. Remove coal ash, smoke oil and rust in time after the ceasefire. The cone bit body should be kept dry, put some lime in the roller cone bit to prevent moisture, and the surface of the exposed water jacket is brushed with oil to prevent moisture corrosion and shorten the service life of the cone bit body.

3. Clean up the dust in the chimney and cover the chimney outlet to prevent rain from entering the water.

4. Maintain good ventilation around the cone bit body. It is strictly forbidden to wrap the cone bit with plastic.

5. During the heating period, if the roller bit is not running temporarily, the water in the system should be drained to prevent freezing and cracking.

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Roller Cone Bit

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