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Preparation Of PDC Bits Before Use

Released on Nov. 16, 2018

PDC drill bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact bit), it is the abbreviation for the polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit. It is a drilling tool commonly used in the geological drilling industry.

Initially, the PDC bit could only be used in the soft shale formation because the hard interlayer would damage the drill bit. However, due to the emergence of new technologies and structural changes, PDC bits can now be used to drill hard interbeds and long hard rock formations. PDC bits are being used more and more by people, especially with the continuous improvement of PDC teeth quality, this situation is becoming more and more prominent. Let's get to know the preparation work before using PDC bit.

First of all, the use of the previous bit should be carefully checked to understand the wear state of the bit gage diameter, and to check whether there is any missing damage on the bit body (missing parts such as teeth will cause damage to the bit that is about to enter the well).

The working stability of the bit plays an important role in preventing deviation and maximizing the performance of the bit. Therefore, it is recommended that the bit be drilled in a stable working condition when using PDC bit. However, due to the specific drilling process and the particularity of borehole conditions, sometimes it is not necessary to deliberately pursue this stability. All stabilizers and reamers shall check their outer diameter to ensure that the outer diameter is large.

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