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Maintenance Of Roller Bit Drilling

Released on Jul. 17, 2018

1. Every time before starting roller cone bit design, routinely check the surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage, and the integrity of the cable. It should create conditions for normal operation.

2. Every time you start, you should start with jog and gradually turn into normal. After running for 10 minutes, check the vibration, noise, and temperature rise of each running part.

3. If the roller bit drilling is leaking oil, pay attention to check the two parts: First, the oil seal, whether it is worn or deformed, the wear can tighten the spring ring of the oil seal lip part, and the oil seal of the wear amount book is large. Can solve the leak. If it is invalid or deformed, the skeleton oil seal should be replaced in time; secondly, the outlet passage cannot be blocked, and the deposited dust, oil and debris should be removed as soon as possible to ensure the smooth passage.

4. The replacement of the cooling oil, the first oil change time is 10 days, the second time is 1 month, and the oil is changed every three months thereafter. For parts filled with grease, such as motor bearings for the outer packaging drum and the output shaft support of the cycloidal drum, always pay attention to the filling. Generally, it is added once a month, and the new oil is refilled every six months.

Roller Bit Drilling

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