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The Development Of Top Hammer Drilling Tools

Released on Jul. 10, 2018

At the end of the 20th century, through the continuous efforts of relevant institutions and experts, the top hammer drilling tools manufacturer of TOP can  assist the development of deep-drilling rigs with full functions such as turning and lifting. At that time, it also drove the rapid development of domestic DTH  drilling tools. Later DTH rigs highlighted economics and performance.

Since then, the all-in-one machine has developed into high efficiency and low energy consumption. The perfect collection of this integration is that the work  is independent and the energy utilization is sufficient.

The enterprises that produce top hammer trilling tools are constantly pursuing the principle of scientific and technological progress-oriented, quality assurance, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, continuous development and growth, and continuous efforts for the development of down-the-hole drilling tools and the country's scientific and technological progress. A very outstanding contribution.

Top Hammer Drilling Tools

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