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Advantage Of Coal Cutting Drill Bits

Released on Jul. 25, 2018

The coal cutting drill bits are direct cutting tools for shearers and roadheaders. The working conditions are very harsh. The traditional picks are subjected to the friction and impact of coal seams or rocks during use. The general working life is relatively short, and the main failure mode is due to the intercept. Too fast wear of the tooth head causes the alloy head to fall off or the bending resistance of the tooth body is bent or broken under strong force. The wear resistance of our products has been greatly improved compared with the traditional picks. So what is the outstanding function of this improved new pick?

1. The wear resistance of the coal cutting tools is significantly improved.

2. The bending resistance is significantly improved. According to the fracture location and bending of the pick during use. Using the advanced analysis software ANSYS, the picking teeth were subjected to mechanical simulation analysis under the process of force damage, and based on the analysis results, a unique heat treatment process and other production processes were developed. The overall bending resistance of the tooth body and the surface strength of the tooth holder are greatly improved, and the normal use of the pick is ensured.

3. “No sparks” during use. Greatly improve the safety of coal mining.

Coal Cutting Drill Bits

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