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Classification Of DTH Drilling Tools

Released on Jul. 27, 2018

1. Face convex type: This kind of DTH drill bit is divided into two types, single boss and double boss end face, the latter is mainly used for drill bit with larger diameter. The face-faced type of down-the-hole drill bit can maintain a high rock drilling rate when drilling hard and hard abrasive rock, but the straightness of the borehole is poor, and it is not suitable for rock drilling with high blast hole flatness. engineering.

2. End face flat type: This shape of the drill bit is more durable, suitable for drilling hard and extremely hard rock, but also suitable for drilling medium and hard rock and soft rock with low flatness.

3. Concave surface type: This shape has a conical concave part on the end face of the bit. It is a bit of nucleation during the rock drilling process to maintain the alignment performance of the drill bit. The drill hole has a good straight line. Degree, this drill bit has good drainage effect and fast drilling speed. It is a DTH drill bit that is used more on the DTH hammer bits Factory.

DTH Drilling Tools

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