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What Are Precautions For The Drill Bit Down The Well?

Released on Dec. 10, 2018

PDC Drill Bits are a widely used drilling instrument in the drilling market. When functioning from the underground, the drill bit is your principal pressure leader. 

What are the precautions in the process of drilling down?

Allow Me to present you :

1. Take care when drilling, just control the lowering rate. After the drilling is blocked, the top drill pipe ought to be attached, and the pump ought to be opened using a little displacement. Following the pump pressure is regular, slowly raise the displacement, along with the pressure shouldn't exceed two tons. Whenever the PDC piece is right down to the last single root of the base of the well, the drill pipe ought to be attached to the huge displacement, mild rotation and slow discharge to flush the base of the well. After quitting the turntable to figure out the base of the well, lift the 0.3 m circulating sand and then slow it for 5 minutes to make certain the base of the well is wash and do the base hole form.

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What Are Precautions For The Drill Bit Down The Well?

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