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Drilling Tool Maintenance(2)

Released on Dec. 06, 2018

5. During the Top Hammer Drilling cutting process, because the stones, sand and stone cracks can bring about the stuck drill, so it is extremely important to utilize the drilling to dismiss frequently and wash the base of the hole. Do not hammer the card drill to stop from falling front combined and the drill bit to the pit.

6. Throughout the post procedure, sand and iron filings will fall in the drilling, and so the endings of this loose drill pipe need to be coated to make sure that the drill pipe does not stick to dust and sand.

7. Irregular lubrication of this Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools should not be dismissed, uncheck the lubricant in time, otherwise, it is going to accelerate the wear and maybe even deny of the drilling!

8. Replacing the exterior cylinder, though not recommended, a small number of customers are still eager to do so, then please wash all accessories, use the container to place in diesel, remember not to hammer the hammer.

Dear users and friends, the usage and upkeep of the DTH drilling, have you ever done it?

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Drilling Tool Maintenance(2)

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