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DTH Drilling tool maintenance(1)

Released on Dec. 04, 2018

DTH Hammer Drilling, like vehicles, require appropriate use and maintenance. The maintenance of the automobile is good. It could be opened for 400,000 kilometers. No vehicle may be used to get 10,000 kilometers.

The same drilling, some customers hit an ordinary rock with an drilling, may hit four or five kilometers; and a few clients will probably be scrapped when they hit 2000 meters, 

so then they will say to the DTH Hammer Bits Manufacturer "Your drilling is bad, not easy to use! Some clients even request an irrational yield.

Guide the consumer to use it correctly, we also have the duty, then what should the drilling listen to? Let me say a few points.

1. When creating holes, attempt using a little bit of air and propulsion to allow the drill bit to smoothly enter the rock formation, which can reduce the impact of the drilling on the piston.

2. Because there is a right-handed thread involving the joint and the joint of the drilling, the right wing swing of the drilling should be retained during the drilling work, and the stuck drill should not be dry.

3. It's very important to match the propulsion force and the weight of the drill. The thrust of the thruster must change together with the burden of this drill. Remember that the little drilling should not have a large thrust to avoid the piston or the drill bit dividing on the place.

4. The faster the DTH Hammer usually spins, the quicker the rock drilling rate. Nonetheless, in hard stone, the speed should be reduced to ensure that the piece is not overly worn.

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