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Principle Of DTH Drilling Tool

Released on Aug. 23, 2018

The principle of DTH drilling tool is the same as that of heavy rock drill. It is intermittent impact rock (mine) rock, continuous rotation, different impact mechanism of DTH drill - DTH impactor installed at the front of drill pipe, bottom hole, piston directly Impact drills, and as the drill extends, continue to advance. The DTH bit is named after the bottom of the manhole. The piston in the impact mechanism completes the impact action of the impact drill bit and the rotation action of the rotating mechanism of the metallurgical equipment. The pressure regulating mechanism 6 completes the adjustment of the propulsive force to effectively complete the drilling work, and lifts and passes the mechanism to complete the amplitude adjustment of the drilling machine. Various actions are controlled by the steering mechanism. The support mechanism can be a support or a drill. During the drilling process, the rock powder is discharged through gas or water flowing between the drill pipe and the wall of the hole. Unlike drill-hole linkage boreholes, the energy loss of DTH drill bits increases as the drill pipe joint increases. Since the drill pipe does not transmit impact energy, the impact energy loss is small, so deeper holes can be drilled.

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DTH Drilling Tool

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