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What Are The Grades Of Diamond Hardness? (1)

Released on Jan. 18, 2019

Here is Top Hammer Drilling Tools Manufacturer talking about grades of diamond hardness.

The grade of the diamond Roller Bit has a fantastic relationship with the diamond substance. The hardness of the diamond determines the hardness of the diamond bit.

There are lots of sorts of diamond Roller Bit Drilling, for example, artificial and natural; single-tube, double-tube; rope-core, directional drilling; core-taking, full-drilling; mine, oil well. According to the characteristics of drilling and crushing rock, it may be divided into watch diamond drill bits, impregnated diamond drill bits, and polycrystalline sintered body drill pieces. Various kinds of diamond drill bits are used in various areas, and the requirements for your hardness of diamond drill bits are also different.

Diamond bit hardness selection principle:

1. 6-7 complete homogenized stone is chosen from synthetic polycrystalline table diamond drill bit and rough grain diamond fit the particle size is 10-20 pieces/carat, and the bead piece hardness must be approximately HRC45.

2. 7-8 grade medium abrasive, more total stone layer collection of medium-grain inserts using a particle size of 20-40 particles/carat and 60 mesh rough impregnated drill bits, the diamond piece hardness is all about HRC40.

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