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Several Performances That Affect Pick Performance

Released on Jan. 29, 2019

Here is Dth Hammer Drilling Manufacturer talking about the pick performance. 

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Picks will be the reduction parts often employed by roadheaders and shearers, but its use resistance determines the price of mining, and also what impacts the functioning of the selections?

First, the alloying element is an integral element in the wear resistance of this selection. At the moment, some alloying components in China don't fulfill the requirements, including stone impurities, the particle size distribution is more irregular, porous, irregular, that's the principal reason for use of the cemented carbide mind; the high quality functioning of the substance's tooth uncertainty The improper control of the heat treatment procedure causes tooth wear to be reduced in rigidity.

Secondly, due to wear and tear. Hardness is the capability of the support material to keep high-temperature hardness. The cemented carbide concept can keep a high-temperature hardness of 800-1000 ° C, but on account of the technical issues of national cemented carbide manufacturing, the option of red hardness is reduced. Copper-zinc solder nationally knives, 920 degrees Celsius, carbide welding temperature, brazing filler alloy, bismuth metal growth vary considerably, cooling three distinct levels of the substance, where the most significant aluminum shrinkage, base metal, carbide minimal, tough The metal and brazing are unavoidable. The brazing material and also the foundation substance have a substantial tensile stress, which contributes to a drop in the weld power, a powerful cutting force brought on by the impact load, along with also embrittlement of the cemented carbide head.

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