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What Are The Advantages Of Triangular Drill Pipe?

Released on Jan. 25, 2019

Here is Dth Hammer Drilling Manufacturer talking about triangular drill tube. 

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The triangular drill tube, also known as the triangular drill tube, differs from the round drill tube at the industry standard, and it belongs to the non-standard manufacturing drill pipe. As a result of its great slagging property, it is widely used. The triangular ribs are widely used in drilling under coal and near coal seam geological states, coal mine water retention and gas drainage drilling, and can also be applied to geophysical and hydraulic building jobs. Anchoring, drilling construction, and other fields.

At the moment, the three-sided drill pipe generated by our company mainly contains three types of merchandise, namely: friction welding kind of double-sided joints of three-sided drill pipe, friction welding of essential triangular-drilled drill pipe, milling type of thick-walled body; galvanized steel pipe kind it's the most frequently used and cost-effective product. It is commonly used in the farming of gentle coal seams. The process of human anatomy trapping and grinding is that the friction welding of one end of the penile joint, and also the product of this friction milling of the body milling pin type triangular drill pipe and the same diameter forming a metal pipe. In comparison with the wall thickness of this drill pipe, it is 1-2 times higher, with higher torque and in-depth performance.

During the drilling process, the triangular drill pipe creates three semi-circular spaces between the drill pipe and the hole walls, which expands the passage of this cinder gas and dust, so the gas and coal cinder are discharged smoothly; if the drill pipe is emptied and drilled The three edges of the drill pipe continually rotate the surplus drilling slag to the wall of the hole to stir and grind, thus achieving the function of easily discharging the slag and solidifying the pit wall.

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