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What Are The Grades Of Diamond Hardness? (2)

Released on Jan. 22, 2019

Here is Pdc Drill Bits Manufacturer talking about grades of diamond hardness.

3. 9 or over moderate abrasive, more total stone layer with 80 mesh nice grained drill bit or fine-grained drill using a grain size of 40-60/carat. The diamond piece hardness ought to be HRC35-40 roughly.

4. Grinding rock formations (for example, quartz sandstone) ought to be chosen from the higher hardness of the carcass, the greater concentration, the nicer size of this impregnated drill bit along with the nice grade fine-grained diamond fit (60-100 tablets) /carat).

5. Drilling to the fractured rock formation using intricate joint structure and structure, the impregnated diamond  Pdc Drill Bits along with the nice grain diamond fit with high hardness of the carcass ought to be chosen, along with the double pipe drill bit has to be utilized.


When selecting a diamond drill bit, the diamond grain size, diamond attention, and carcass hardness of the diamond impregnated bit should be considered according to the specific rock layer. Hard rock formations select drill bits with higher diamond hardness. Selecting the proper diamond drill bit will make the drilling work simpler.

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