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Inspection Required Before Drilling With a Drill Bit

Released on Oct. 27, 2018

Drilling work is a work that needs to be carried out with care. Some mistakes may cause the efficiency of the whole construction to drop and the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, there are many preparations to be done before, and there is no need to be troublesome. Many accidents are caused by inadequate attention to small details. Today, I will introduce you to some things that we have to check before entering the well.

The first is different drill bits with different geological requirements. such as PDC drill bits, DTH bits, It is necessary to check the type and diameter of the drill bit. For the drill itself, it is necessary to check whether the drill is welded and the teeth are intact, as well as the firmness of the nozzle, the smoothness of the water eye, and the bearing. Special attention is paid to the inspection of these aspects of sealing, as this is the previous preparation work.

Also, the drilling speed should be slower, so as to avoid hard formation damage to the alloy teeth, and sometimes encounter scratches, in this time need to note down some things, including the depth of the well, scratch the specific circumstances and time, so as to help repair.

Finally, the thread of our drill bit needs to be coated with threaded oil to ensure that it is smooth. The inspection work before entering the well is well done. The efficiency of the whole construction is also good, and the safety of personnel is also guaranteed.

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